First Class is a super premium veterinarian style food developed specifically to keep dogs and cats healthy.

It contains the highest level of fresh meat compared to similar specialist premium brands, and is completely free from low quality ingredients which are commonly responsible for causing allergies in pets.

We add no chemicals, artificial colouring or flavourings, and all antioxidants are entirely natural.
First Class is therefore the first choice for owners wanting healthy, active pets, throughout their lives.

First Class dry food is manufactured in the UK to the strictest production principles, and with a
commitment to maintain and protect recipes with only the highest quality raw material sourcing.

First Class wet food products are produced in Austria in a specialist premium plant with
long-standing organic certification.

Our quality system ensures a consistent high product quality. We follow clear guidelines for quality assurance set up for the pet food industry and comply with its legislative requirements. First Class fulfills
the essential demands contained within the following standards and regulations:

• FEDIAF (The European Pet Food Industry Federation) Code of Practice ISO
(International Organization for Standardization) 9000/2000 BRC (British Retail Cons ortium) - Technical Standard for Companies Supplying Retailer Branded Food Products Compliance with environmental legislative requirements with an initial establishment of an environmental control system that meets the requirements of the ISO 14000 standard.

• Identification of Critical Control Points in accordance with the HACCP (Hazard Analysis & Critical Control Points) method.

• The establishment and implementation of a maintenance and foodstuff safety control system in accordance with GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) principles.

First Class is sold in many countries including the UK, Belgium, Holland, Italy, Greece, Russia, Turkey,
Israel and Chile, The First Class Pet Company is responsible for the sales, marketing and distribution strategy of First Class in Asia including China, Hong Kong and Taiwan.

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